CORRECTION: Sixth Iraqi asylum seeker detained by police facing deportation to Iraq

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales has learned of a new case of an Iraqi asylum seeker, DH, who was detained Sunday in Pori and is now awaiting deportation to Iraq* at the Metsälä detention center. It is the sixth detention that comes to our attention since January 6. 

*An earlier story incorrectly stated that DH was awaiting deportation to Turkey, his former home and where some of his relatives live. DH faces deportation to Iraq. 

He lives in Pori with a Finnish woman who is eight-weeks pregnant.

According to his partner, the police detained him without any warning at 10 am Sunday, DH was mistreated physically by the police his partner said.

“The judge sided with the police,” she continued, “claiming that it was DH that had tried to take his passport from the police’s hand.”

We will report on this newest case of another Iraqi asylum seeker who faces deportation to Iraq in two weeks.

DH is the latest Iraqi to be detained by the police. He awaits deportation to Turkey.