Sikh busman confident that employer will lift turban ban

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Busman Gill Sukhdarshan Singh is confident that his employer, Veolia Transport of Vantaa, will honor a Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency ruling that imposing a turban ban by the employer was discriminatory.

Source: Gill Sukhdarshan Singh.

”I have no doubt that that in two months, when I will get written permission from the employer, I will start wearing a turban at work,” Sukhdarshan Singh told Migrant Tales.

The Southern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency gave the Veolia Transport of Vantaa until the end of Septempter how the company plans to redress the problem.

Sukhdarshan Singh said that what he did was for all Sikhs living in Finland and “to further multiculturalism.”

”Multiculturalism means that my children can appreciate both cultures,” he said.

Two of his children study at university and one at high school.

  1. JusticeDemon

    Certain commentaries on this case have exposed a selective inability or refusal to recognise the equality/equity distinction, so it’s worth stressing again that equal isn’t always fair, and fair isn’t always equal.

    There is a splendid cartoon that illustrates this point.

    fair test

    • Klay_immigrant

      Great Cartoon if the differences between human beings are as vast as the difference between an elephant and a gold fish.

    • JusticeDemon

      Or between a dog and a chimpanzee.

      The essential thing is that we acknowledge and allow for relevant differences. This is part of fairness.

    • Mark

      This might be too difficult for you to grasp, but this is a METAPHOR! Deliberately choosing to ignore this fact to draw some kind of specious conclusion that this is a ‘real’ comparison between species simply demonstrates either stupidity, unwillingness to grasp the point, or just a natural inclination to troll this site. Which is it, I wonder? All three, perhaps?

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