Seven months and no justice yet after a Kenyan woman was racially insulted and splashed by a bucket of water

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Remember when a Kenyan woman was sitting outside her home in the Helsinki neighborhood of Helsinki one Sunday afternoon on May 22 and a white Finnish woman splashed a bucket of water on her, her children and their friends after shouting racist insults? Well, nothing has happened since then even if Ruth Waweru-Folabit pressed charges against the woman and complained to the non-discrimination ombudsman seven months ago.

Migrant Tales wrote back then: What is most upsetting about the story is that the police didn’t bother to ask her if she wanted to press charges against the woman that insulted her in a racist manner in public and threw a bucket of water on her, her two children and friend’s children.

Waweru-Folabit wrote to me on November 7 that she still hasn’t heard from the police service and non-discrimination ombudsman regarding her case. “I have tried my best to put this behind me for my kids’ sake,” she wrote, “but some kind of justice would be good.”

How long will it take for justice to take its course?

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