Send kudos to those who speak out against racism

by , under Enrique

We must change the ever-adverse debate against immigrants and visible minorities in Finland.  The way to end it is by giving our silence a voice and by sending kudos to those who have the courage to speak out against racism and prejudice.

Source: Lake Harriet Community School.

Migrant Tales would like to give kudos Tuija Väyrynen of the city of Kouvola, who said that racism and social exclusion are on the rise in her city.

For a city official to show her concern about such a worrisome social ill is one matter, but publishing it in the local newspaper with her real name shows courage and sets a good example.

In Finland, there are many people from all walks of life who are just as concerned about the rise of intolerance as Migrant Tales. We should therefore take the time to show our admiration to such people for the bravery.

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