“Scheduled to be evaluated psychologically” man sets fire to Islamic center in Copenhagen

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A man sets fire to an Islamic center in Copenhagen, Denmark, when it was full of people but the police don’t consider what happened a terrorist act, according to the Copenhagen Post. Fortunately there were no victims. 

Muslim leaders in Denmark like Bashy Quraishy are extremely concerned about what happened. They are also asking why the attack isn’t treated as a terrorist act.

“Is it not strange that any minor incident where a Muslim is involved is automatically described by the politicians and media as terrorism…” he wrote on Facebook. “But sabotage, violence and arson against an Islamic centre is just an act of a mentally disturbed man.”

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Writes the Copenhagen Post: “The police said the man – who is scheduled to be evaluated psychologically – ignited some flammable liquid that he had tossed up the side of the Islamic center, which at the time was full of people.

‘Witness accounts and investigations have led to the man being charged,” the city police revealed. “The man is local, was born in 1980 and has been convicted before of vandalism.’”

Sally Kohn, in a tweet below, sums is up perfectly again what happened at the Islamic center in Denmark: