#SaveLARA is the latest deportation case and call in Finland to resist sending her back to Iraq

by , under Beri Jamal and Enrique Tessieri

#SaveLARA is one of the most recent anti-deportation cases that has caught social media attention in Finland. The young 24-year-old Iraqi who came in 2015 was supposed to be deported to Iraqi’s capital city Baghdad on Monday but it failed. Creating a scene inside the flight, the woman was forced off the flight by the pilot. 

Lara claims as well that she was beaten by the police after she started to scream at the top of her voice.

“She was held on the floor with four police officers applying pressure on each of her limbs while another officer beat her,” an Iraqi asylum seeker who spoke to Lara told Migrant Tales. “She is suffering from a nervous breakdown because she doesn’t want to be deported.”

In another video of Lara’s mother, who is in Finland, is caught crying and pleading in a hysterical voice to not send her daughter to Iraq, where she will be killed like her husband was by Iraqi militia a month ago.

The young Iraqi asylum seeker claims that the Finnish police beat her.
Lara claims that she was beaten by the police.

The video below can save a person from being deported by plane to a country like Iraq. It was published by w2eu.info.

Thank you, Roxana Crisólogo for the heads-up!