Sarcastic and humorous politicians should seek new careers in comedy

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Imagine the following predicament: Politicians who should know better capitalizing on a country’s racist streak in order to further their careers and narcissism. Adding salt to social injury, these politicians claim to be “patriotic” but in fact are far from it. Is promoting nationalism, hatred, racism – no matter how passionately or subtly – so-called “patriotic” behavior?

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PS MP James Hirvisaari defended this person’s Nazi salute in parliament as “humor.” When politicians spread the message of hate and racism in Finland, they do so by claiming to be humorous, sarcastic or being critical. For obvious reasons it’s never considered racist or unbecoming behavior by an elected public servant.

Fueling intolerance is reckless and opportunistic behavior, especially if it will land you lots of votes and a political career.

On top of being reckless and opportunistic, these types of politicians are weaklings because they claim to dress their racism with humor and sarcasm.

Take for example the anti-EU, anti-immigration and especially anti-Islam Perussuomalaiset (PS) party of Finland. Is it acceptable for an elected public official from the PS or any other party to spread racism and victimize other groups to further his or her career?

Is it acceptable that the PS’ leader, Timo Soini, broke his promise to voters by not sacking party members who were sentenced for ethnic agitation?

Here’s the bottom line: The sarcasm, humor and even the so-called critical thinking against immigrants and minorities of these opportunistic politicians isn’t funny at all, especially to those they label and victimize.

If these politicians are so much into humor and sarcasm, they should make a career change and become comedians.

If they are public servants, however, they should learn to behave accordingly, respect values like social equality for all, and never forget they represent a wide constituency of society.