Riikka Purra’s promise of “significantly” tightening immigration policy is nothing more than a snow job

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The Perussuomalaiset (PS) are known to make a lot of promises to their voters and many of these are snow jobs.

Tightening Finnish immigration policy will be challenging because it is already quite strict.

Purra has said that for her to form a government with another party, the main requirement would be tightening “significantly” immigration policy.

Even if her predecessor, Jussi Halla-aho, offers his voters anti-immigration pipedreams, it is highly improbable that his aim for Finland is to ditch its international commitments like the Geneva Refugee Convention, the EU, and UN Convention of Human Rights is far-fetched.

Even if the PS’ aims of halting asylum seekers, leave the EU, and give social inequality a thumbs up are improbable, we should never underestimate and leave their hateful words to get away with the accomplice of silence. Where are those journalists and editorials asking the PS some hard questions?

Purra plays the same game as Halla-aho. She wants to give an image of a tough and heartless politician obsessed with her ethnonationslist white worldview.

In Uusi Suomi, Purra gave us again of the concrete steps she’d like to take to tighten “significantly” immigration policy.

For one, she would want parliament to vote on a new constitution that would trash Section 6, which makes us all equal before the law. It’s easier said than done. To amend the constitution, Purra would need two-thirds of the votes.

Two-thirds in Finland’s 200-seat parliament would mean 133 votes.

Purra hopes to amend the constitution with the help of the National Coalition Party (Kokoomus). Both parties have today a total of 76 MPs.

Purra also said she’d also lower the number of quota refugees, tighten family reunification guidelines, and make it more difficult for migrants to get Finnish citizenship. She’d also put under scrutiny how much money foreigners make and what their Finnish-language skills are.

Even if the PS’ anti-immigration broken record plays on and on, it has created and feeds a hostile environment for difference.

We should not forget that in light of all the hatred and buffoonery coming out of PS politicians’ mouths, the PS is a hazard to our society.

We must do everything possible to ensure their arguments are bogus and their defeat at the ballot box.