#RightToLife demonstration holds inconclusive talks Monday with Helsinki city officials and the police

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Nour, one of the organizers of the #RightToLife Helsinki Railway Square demonstration that was closed after 140 days by the police on Friday, is hopeful that a new location will be found soon. 

“We had talks today with Helsinki city officials and the police about a new site,” he told Migrant Tales by phone. “No place or date was given yet by the officials, but we are looking at places like Kiasma and Kamppi.”

Nour of the #RightToLife demonstration. Photo: Enrique Tessieri.

Nour admitted that the Helsinki Railway Square was a perfect place since its location in the heart of the city and a lot of people pass through there.

“I’m not counting my chicks before they’re hatched,” he said. “I’m not either optimistic or pessimistic.”

Nour was, however, adamant: “The demonstration will continue.”

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