Ricky Ghansah and the “super racist:” All’s well that ends well

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Following the way some social and print media tried to substantiate whether Ricky Ghansah forced a “super racist” to apologize on a bus, reveals how some took the whole incident personally. Racism is a serious social ill and to have a shameful racist apologize to a young black man on a bus maybe too much for some to endure.  

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Comments by JSSK and Klay Immigrant on Migrant Tales reveal the suspicion that Ghansah’s account raised in Finland.  Klay Immigrant and Jssk accused Ghansah of making up the story.

Writes Klay Immigrant: “I agree Jssk. Where are the witnesses to verify this story. And the fact this guy telling anyone and everyone who would listen brings suspicion as to whether this is just a made up story to bring attention to himself and make people think what a hero and great guy he is and massage his ego. I have my doubts.”

In a story on Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest circulation daily, confirmed Ghansah’s account, which he published on Facebook.

About two weeks ago, a man who entered the same bus as Ghansah in Helsinki harassed him in a racist manner. The man forgot his wallet at home and had no money to pay the bus fare. Ghansah bought the man the bus ticket. In gratitude, the man apologized for his rude behavior. 

Ghansa asked if the man could apologize a little louder so the whole bus could hear him. He did and the bus passengers clapped their hands in approval.