Repatriation agreement between Iraqi Ministry of Migration & Displaced and Finland comes to naught

by , under Beri Jamal, Enrique Tessieri

Talks between the Iraqi Ministry of Migration & Displaced and Finnish permanent secretary of the interior ministry, Päivi Nerg, have ended without any agreement, according to an official statement, which added that some 5,000 Iraqi asylum seekers have returned from Finland to Iraq. 

The Iraqi foreign ministry has confirmed as well today in a statement the latter by stating that it will not accept any deported Iraqis from European countries.

Last year, 32,476 asylum seekers came to Finland. Of these, 20,485 were from Iraq.

According to Finnish media sources, Finland has forcibly deported some 1,500 Iraqis against their will to Iraq. That compares with 1,600 who returned on their own will and 1,500 through the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Four thousand Iraqi asylum seekers have gone missing in Finland.

Migrant Tales understands that the police have urged asylum seekers to leave the country with a 1,000-euro incentive.

The ministry of migration & displaced said that Iraq would be willing to accept Iraqi criminals but Nerg said that such an agreement wasn’t possible, according to the statement.

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