Recovering Afghan who attempted suicide wants to leave Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The 23-24-year-old Afghan, who attempted to take his life Friday night, is recovering at a hospital and wants leave Finland after he recovers, according to a source contacted by Migrant Tales.

Two hours after the attempted suicide by the Afghan another asylum seeker at Luona’s Kutomotie reception center tried to commit suicide after hearing that his brother died in Iraq in a bomb explosion.

The source, who spoke to the suicide victim’s roommate, said that the Afghan  was depressed by those asylum seekers who didn’t get a residence permit to stay in Finland.

“He’s disappointed with Finland,” the source said. “Some believe that the poor treatment they endure at Luona [asylum reception center at Kutomotie 9 in Helsinki] is the same attitude that the whole country has of them.”

Migrant Tales has written about the racist and inhumane treatment that asylum seekers have suffered at the reception centers managed by Luona. Some of the employees that treat asylum seekers poorly aren’t white Finns but Palestinian and Kurdish staffers who are naturalized Finns.

Many of the employees that Luona hires are unqualified and “blindly exploited by the company’s managers,” according to another source.

Some asylum seekers at Luona’s reception centers claimed that the first work they learned in Finnish is vittu, or f**k, according to an earlier Migrant Tales story.

The cuss word vittu is commonly used by employees and security guards at Luona when addressing asylum seekers. They are called vitun pakolaisia, or f**king refugees.

“We don’t know why they [Palestinian and Kurds] treat us that way,” the source continued, “like livestock.” 

The source said that the Afghan’s roommates started to get suspicious when he didn’t return from the bathroom after an hour. “They went to knock on the door but when they got no response they called security which forced open the door,” the source said.

Despite assurances by Luona’s General Manager Milja Saksi that the private company “has zero tolerance for racism,” the source states that nothing has changed at the Kutomotie reception center in Espoo.

“Our reception center [Kutomotie 9] isn’t that racist, but the one in Vantaa [run by Luona] is the pits,” the source continued. “They are racists.”

The source said that the worst thing that an asylum seeker can do at the reception center is to stay there all day.

“I leave and go to church or the gym and return to the reception center in the evening,” the source concluded. “I avoid getting depressed this way.”