The real victims of Glev Simanov’s videotapes are the minors he filmed and published without permission on social media

by , under Enrique Tessieri and Muhammed Shire

Remember the bus driver that videotaped only Somalis and accused them without any proof of bumming a ride? Remember when he published without permission his racist treatment of them on social media? Gleb Simanov got fired the same week but in August Onnibus, a bus company, hired him.  

The whole incident got a lot of interest on social media. Even so, nothing was written about the pain and suffering of the victims. Two of them are cousins aged 13 and 15.

A woman, who spoke on condition of anonymity and who helped the teenagers “because their parents don’t speak Finnish well enough,” said that the two girls were deeply disturbed when they found out that a video of them was in MV-lehti, an online racist publication.

“They were anxious about what would happen to them at school and if they’d be [labeled and] bullied [by their classmates],” she said. “They couldn’t sleep and still have not recovered fully from what happened.”

The woman said that she got in touch with the bus company where Simanov used to work, and they apologized for what happened.


Gleb Simanonv got sacked by Nobina for videotaping and insulting minors. The videotapes appeared on social media and trash publications like MV-lehti.

“A week later we went to the police to press charges for publishing without permission a video of a minor,” she said. “The police treated us very well.”

Simanov blocked the woman from his Facebook page after she asked him why he had published the videos of the two teenagers.

“The girls have learned not to trust some adults,” she concluded. “They got to see what racism is like in Finland.”