Racists at the Mikkeli bus stop

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I hadn’t heard the statement, “I’m a racist,” for a long time. Even so, two middle-aged women were chatting in Mikkeli loudly about how bad migrants were.

I intervened because silence is a total cop-out.

“Are you a racist,” I asked one of the women.

“Yes, I’m a racist,” she snapped.

“You should be ashamed of yourself for being a racist,” I responded.

There is no need to write what they continued to say about migrants because it was straight from a Perussuomalaiset* playbook.

Source: European Network Against Racism.

I concluded: “I’m happy that you are a minority [in this country]. Only a minority think like you.”

The discussion ended, and for some strange reason, the two women disappeared from the bus stop.

Don’t give racists space. Challenge what they say. The next time they speak and show off their racism in public, they’ll think twice.

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