Racist graffiti appears (again) in an eastern Finnish city

by , under Enrique

It was only in 2010 when Kansainvälinen Mikkeli (International Mikkeli) brought to the city’s attention racist graffiti. To the association’s surprise, the graffiti had been on the walls of the Kattilansilta School and an underpass for over six months. Nobody, never mind the city, appeared to care too much about them.  

While this type of graffiti is the work of a small minority, it should not only be condemned by the city but painted over. What kind of image does racist graffiti give to a city like Mikkeli? How many new families and businesses will they scare away?

Does our silence suggest that we approve of this type of behavior or that we are ambivalent to it?

 This picture was taken in July 2012, even if Nazi Germany was defeated in May 1945. 

 White Power and SS signs, a trademark of neo-Nazis, together with a familiar warning. This picture was taken in July 2012.

One of these associations that is spreading stickers promoting neo-Nazism is the Suomen Kansalinen Vastarinta (SKV). The sticker was placed in spring 2012 in front of the author’s home. It reads: “Multiculturalism is hazardous to your children and grandchildren.” 



  1. tp1

    So, why don’t you go and paint it over instead of saying someone else should do it. Money doesn’t grow in trees and if someone is to be sent to paint it, it would cost money.

    And when it has been painted over, some racist will go and write a new graffiti, it’s an endless circle.

    • Enrique Tessieri

      –So, why don’t you go and paint it over instead of saying someone else should do it.

      Not a bad idea! I’ll see if we can do this legally and not get fined for destroying public property.

    • Happy

      At least we know why you are spend time on this blog – to be sure that the “niggers” are kept in their place. To state without any shame that graffiti that promotes racism, bigotry, prejudice, that might even cause some emotionally charged individual to attack and harm, even kill anyone who isn’t white too costly in a country that prides itself as the best in the world, is way beyond the pale. Shame on you, shame on you.
      You are probably one of those who will argue that there is nothing wrong with a bunch of white people insulting or attacking “niggers”. After all, they are just having fun, you would continue. You obviously don’t know what life is about. How can join a blog that focuses on criticizing racism only to be defence lawyer for racism. The graffiti is not directed at something you know, it is directed against persons. But hey, how would you know, in your narrow minded world, only one race exists. You need to grow up.

  2. D4R

    There seem to be invicible racist move and it operates secretaly and actively and barely can people notice it, it’s in the media one of powerful tool for them because it’s easy to brainwash and reprogram peoples minds. You ask if Finns approve these kinds of rcist graffittis or things affliated with nazism? i say yes, alot of Finns approve that and see that with no problem because they think it represent their race and principles, but they don’t see the dangers nazism is to human freedom or democracy, many Finns are shortsighted and tend to forget the history behind fascism and nazism.

  3. D4R

    Frank Horrigan: And I count myself as a non-native because I wasn’t born here and I don’t have any finnish heritage. It does not make me less finnish however, because I have learned their ways and live like them.
    And it seems that every success story from immigrant is against your agenda. Nothing is good enough for you when you hear that immigrant can be a successfull here. Why? There’s always seems to be an excuse for everything. But when a non-educated immigrant cannot be a CO in a big company you cause a shitstorm and think that it’s racism and unfair.

    Sorry to say this Horrigan, but it’s enough in Finland to be a Finn just learning their ways and to live like them, you must have the same skin color like them to be white. To you it has been easy to integrate so i assume you’re white right? i know all of these because ive lived Finland over 20years, grew up with Finns, so i know how the system works. There’re more immigrant failure in Finland than immigrant succes, and if there appears immigrant succes it’s has to do with skin color.

    • D4R

      Sorry, i meant to say: it’s not enough to be a Finn in Finland by just learning the language and their ways. Finns accept a white Finn Mosli as one of their own but find very difficult to digest black or arab moslim to be a finn like them. It’s all mostly about race when it comes to accepting immigrant as part of Finns. I see alot of racist against me, when im at work it’s the worst, people are rude unfriendly to me, they talk with eachother but when im around, nobody wants to be around me, it’s wehn Finns meet me they’ve already a picture painted in their mind about me. It’s going to take time and miracle to be a black and successful in Finland, because, the thing that makes our success so difficult is the racist media that painted a negative picture about us. How are people going to hire me as a black guy if media paints me as a lazy bum who doesnt want to work, no wonder many job interviews never got back to me. Frank think are more complicated in Finland than you think.

    • Enrique Tessieri

      D4R, it’s tough in Finland, very tough for some.

      The worst thing we can do is give racism and prejudism space in our lives. We have to be stronger than these social ills by challenging them and rising above them. This isn’t easy, but not impossible.