Racist garbage called MV-lehti magazine, Hommaforum and Magneettimedia

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales doesn’t usually comment about the racist garbage published in Finland by online publications like MV-lehti, Hommaforum, and Magneettimedia. All of these websites have one matter in common: they write and cater to a racist audience.

A story that Migrant Tales published about an Afghan who attempted to take his life on Friday night was picked up by MV-lehti. Without any respect for the person who committed suicide, the online publication twisted the facts of the original story to suit its racist worldview.

There is a new story published today by MV-lehti, which is a case in point on how this online publication makes up news. Plagarism and making up news is the worst mistake a journalist can commit.

MV-lehti writes the story in English apparently to attract a wider international audience:

“Two Soldiers of Odin, who by chance happened to be around, saw what was happening and stopped the harassment by pushing the Arabs to the ground with force and holding them until the police came.”

What’s wrong with the story? It’s all made up. Nothing of the sort happened.

Tampere-based daily Aamulehti published a story today confirming that the story was made up.

The popularity of online publications that spread racist garbage has grown in Finland. Their presence is a reminder that the national media has failed in challenging racism in this country and been instead a service to such publications by offering them readers that still believe that the world is still flat.