Racist discourse of anti-immigration groups

by , under All categories, Enrique

One of the most startling finds of ultra-nationalistic, anti-immigration groups is how they cover up their discourse of outright contempt for other cultures. Here are some of my favorites:

1) Immigrants are social welfare bums or come to Finland to use our generous social welfare system. Isn’t it incredible that in this debate on social welfare abuse and fraud, it is always immigrants or a certain group of immigrants/refugees that are abusing the system.

Are there any studies or specific cases of wide-spread social-welfare fraud among immigrants, or of Finns for a matter of fact? The reason why this hot issue has not been debated openly in the media of Finns who abuse the social welfare system is because it is a hot political issue. Politicians don’t want to do this because it would seem like a witch hunt and would make them extremely unpopular among voters. It is easier to blame everything bad and evil on immigrants because they are a disenfranchised group.

2) We are “critical of immigration” as opposed to saying, “I am proud of being a racist. Keep Finland white.” One matter that some Finnish journalists have not learned is to call a spade a spade when it comes to racism. This is nothing strange considering that some of them  never raised any objections never mind criticism of our special relationship with the former Soviet Union.

Since racism awakens a lot of passions, this causes a lot of confusion as to how we should react to this social ill in our society.  The Muutos 2011 party is a good example. They want to keep Finland white by claiming, ludicrously, that they want direct democracy.  Their lopsided argument is that since “the people,” whom they claim to be speaking for, cannot practice direct democracy Finland is being overrun by social-bum immigrants and by a lost immigration policy. Who are these “critical-of-immigration” groups? They are ultra nationalists that despise cultural diversity and enjoy living in cultural myths that give birth to stereotypic and simplistic views of other cultures.

Handing over immigration and integration policy to these types of groups would be like allowing a child to build a nuclear reactor.

3) A scratched record: We don’t want blahblahblah because they are incompatible blahblahblah. If you look at the argument by some ultra-nationalist groups, they are always griping about how certain immigrants are blahblahblah and therefore incompatible blahblahblah. What is their solution? Kick them out of Finland! Fostering good ethnic relations and attaining a society that treats all of its inhabitants equally is something these groups don’t want. If they were in power, it would be like awakening a social Frankenstein with nostalgia for the Germany of the 1930s.

4) There are many more absurd arguments I could point out by opportunistic mainstream politicians, who forget that the second-biggest ethnic minority group living in Finland are immigrants or naturalized Finns. Take all of their arguments with a large pinch of salt. If you feel confused or do not understand their logic, the fact is that they were conveyed to confuse and be hollow.

  1. hannu

    1) You can check that on migri pages and count how many of welfare seekers are actual refugees (116+quota last year…), family reunions of those poor orphans (who mystically materialize in finland and whose parents, wife, kids and half of clan.. sorry “different kind of close family” is mysteriously found after poor orphan got papers…) are hidden in “family” section.

    2.) “I cant argue with them so lets call them racists and with racists i dont have argue”?

    3. “treats all of its inhabitants equally is something these groups don’t want.” Thats funny coming out of your mouth mr “they can do whatever is their culture and asking equal treatment is horrible racism”. + http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reductio_ad_Hitlerum.
    I, again, am willing to come your home and act like asshole, sorry not asshole but according to my culture what i invent on fly, to check how you foster good relations instead of kick me out.

  2. Martin-Éric

    Some people are gonna have to make up their minds: either immigrants stop getting turned down by employers or the populace agrees that immigrants will live off social security.

  3. Osmo

    Well the employers are going to hire the best person, I hope. But if they don’t, it is their perogative. People should go where they are welcome and stay away from where they aren’t. That is the sad reality. Maybe one day Finns will change, but for now, they feel immigrants are forced on them, and the natural response is to not cooperate with the government’ plan to fill up the country with immigrants. Finns are very knowledgeable and they know what is happening in countries that are 20 or more years ahead of where they are, and they don’t like it.

  4. xyz

    My family from my father side comes from an islamic country and they immigrated to Canada 20 years ago. They hate Sharia and they hate to wear a Scarf. They all do speak English, have all University degrees and have jobs even so they are Muslims. Is there anything else they have to consider? 🙂