Racism, Counterjihadism and neo-Nazism sit well with the PS

by , under Enrique

I thought I had heard some lame excuses from the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party, but I was wrong. Risto Helin, a PS city council candidate for Vaasa, beat all those before him hands down. On his Facebook page, Helin is wearing a blood-and-honor t-shirt. He claims that it was purchased about ten years ago but didn’t know it had anything to do with Nazism or Skinheads.  

Risto Helin of the PS is running for city council in Vaasa. Would you ever vote for a person who  can’t read?..

Certainly this is a publicity stunt to get media attention. What is worse, but not surprising, is that the PS does not have a problem with a candidate that openly supports Nazis and Skinheads.

The candidate states as well on his Facebook page that he is a member of the Bandidos Motorbike Club, which is an organized crime syndicate with membership worldwide.

If you want to put Helin’s profile picture on Facebook into context, in the United States he’d be a candidate wearing an American Nazi Party or Ku Klux Klan t-shirt. In Spain or Norway, Helin would be wearing a t-shirt with a rude quote by dictator Francisco Franco or Vidkun Quisling, respectively.

…what a coincidence with Helin’s t-shirt! Check out the anti-Semitic website where this ghastly picture was posted.

Does the PS openly support racism, Counterjihadism, neo-Nazism and far-right mumbo jumbo as part of their political message?

PS campaign manager for Vaasa, Harri Leppälä, gives us an answer to that question. He does not see any problems with Helin’s t-shirt, whom he described as an honest entrepreneur who opposes multiculturalism.

“There’s no reason to prevent him from running [on the PS ticket],” Leppälä was quoted as saying on Turun Sanomat. “Somebody is trying to make a storm in a teacup and blackwash the Perussuomalaiset.”



  1. khr

    What does the “other” section actually mean? I don’t use FB so I don’t know. Looks like Hirvenoja has multiple parties there, so I doubt it necessarily means membership. Having participated in a discussion about the subject/membership in a discussion group?

    Given Helin’s interests, having accidentally bought a “Blood & Honor” shirt is a bit too convenient. Otherwise I could well believe it. I only knew about it because I stumbled on it in the net some years ago, and I hang around in the net way too much. I suspect most people likely would not recognise it.

  2. D4R

    It’s fair to say that PS approves nazis to be part of their party, other wise the’d not approve them in their party. The whole party is confused, they deny not to be racist but approve nazis and racists to be part of the party, and even be honored members of the party, like in the case of Jussi, james, Juho, and many other members of the party.