Racism and time

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Racism is harmful because it robs you of one of your most important things in life: time. 

In the same way that Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer (1836-70) asked in a poem where sighs, tears and love go,* do we know where time goes after it’s used up? 

Since humans are social animals, attack and prey on others in a pack, how would we collectively rob others of a priceless commodity such as time? How would we deprive such a group of the same rights and privileges we enjoy?

Would racism and discrimination be formidable weapons in this task?


In the face of such threats that slow – even halt – you from obtaining your life’s goals as a migrant or minority, your lifesaver is finding ways of speeding time and outsmarting racism in its sinister game.

For some this may be easier said than done. Your skin color and ethnic background are giveaways that stand out like a neon-lighted thumb in the darkness. You cannot see your enemies because they hide in the darkness of denial and cowardice.

Racism not only has the ability to slow you down from getting to your goals but can take away all of your opportunities!

It can even convince you that you should be grateful for the crumbs that it has given you.


* Sighs are air and go to air!

Tears are water and go to the sea!

Tell me, woman, when love is forgotten,

do you know where it goes?

Source: greatfamouspoets.blogspot.fi

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