QUOTE OF THE DAY: What similarities are there between Finnish immigration policy and the US administration’s zero- tolerance policy?

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“In order to deter and discourage migrants and asylum seekers from coming to the country, the Trump administration implemented the controversial zero-tolerance immigration policy. One of the horrific matters about that policy is locking up and separating children from their parents. 

While different in some respects, US zero tolerance and Finland’s immigration policy are fuelled by the same factor: deterrence

In order to deter and set a negative example for other asylum seekers fleeing war, Finland detains children. The motive for such an inhumane policy is to deter others from coming to the country. 

How many times have we heard different representatives of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government justify the tightening of immigration policy and inhumane treatment of asylum seekers to deter other ones from coming to Finland?

This shameful policy leads us down a slippery slope where our values as a society and our institutions are undermined and suffer cracks.”