QUOTE OF THE DAY: The end of white Finland’s hegemony over narrative and “truth”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

“There are signs that white Finland’s hegemony over culture and society is being seriously challenged. Green League MP Ozan Yanar rightfully questioned President Sauli Niinistö’s problematic speech about migrants. We have information as well that the police and school principal may have played down what happened to a 10-year-old Muslim girl at school in Espoo in December.  These are only recent incidents that signal a growing reality: White Finns aren’t the only ones living here and are no longer the masters of everything.

Like in the shameful treatment of minorities like the Sami and Roma in the past, power and privilege gave white Finns a questionable right to discriminate and exclude people who weren’t like them. The same treatment persists and now includes people of different religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. There are powerful voices opposing such power today. And those voices are getting louder.”