QUOTE OF THE DAY (Diana Bellesi): Going and returning

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Being a migrant for a number of generations is special. Why do some of us are always hoping to go somewhere but we are always returning?

New immigrant arrivals in Argentina during the beginning of the last century. Source: Google

My late father, Nemo, put this surreal situation in the following words: Being at a railway station is like being in the land of nowhere with a sense of being somewhere else, or estando en una estación de tren es estar en la tierra de nadie con un sentir de estar más allá..

For some, this state is a feeling of intense joy because there is so much anticipation.

Diana Bellesi is an Argentinean writer and poet who put the latter state in the following words:

Adónde voy volviendo yo

que siempre quiero irme

a otra parte

Where am I returning to

that I always want

to go to another place.

Gracias, thank you Ivy Carlos for the heads-up.