QUOTE OF THE DAY: A migrant’s journey never ends and may last generations

by , under Enrique Tessieri

“When a migrant embarks on a journey, he may not realize that the journey the migrant is on never ends and that he is part of another journey that a relative began generations ago. Thus a migrant’s journey may begin during our lifetime, but it rarely ends during our lifetime. Your relatives, those who are now talk of the future, may remember and admire your journey and courage long after you died.”

My paternal (right) and maternal relatives in Argentina. On the right are Dante Tessieri and his wife Aida on the left with Angelo Lullo and his wife Augustina on the left. All three except for Augstina were from Italy. Even if the pictures were taken over a hundred years ago, I still remember them, even share their pictures with you. Source: Tessieri family album.