PS’ second vice president doesn’t condemn but “gives advice”to Jyväskylä’s neo-Nazi attackers

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Perussuomalaiset (PS) second vice president, MP Juho Eerola, did not condemn the attacks in Jyväskylä by suspected neo-Nazi thugs but advised them how to do it more effectively, reports National Coalition Party’s online Verkkouutiset. Writes Eerola:  “The next time don’t look like “patriots” when you plan to enter such an event.  Don’t go as a group but be [inconspicuous] in the crowd.”

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Eerola’s views are shameful if not worrisome. They reveal how some PS members  hold rights rights like freedom of speech and the right to assembly in contempt.

The PS MP denied on Friday’s Helsingin Sanomat that he was giving advice on how to carry out the attack and should express his ideas more precisely the next time.

Eerola’s aide, Ulla Pyysalo, had applied for membership in the neo-Nazi Suomen Kansallinen Vastarina (SKV) but refused to resign from her post unless she found a new job by the end of the year.

Eerola, whose sympathies with fascism are well known, defended Pyysalo and did not see any reason for her to resign. He said he’d be more worried if his aide belonged to a far-left organization.

One of the matters that  worries me about t people like Eerola and his band is they think they can rewrite history and put our way of life in cold storage in order to please their views, which are harmful to our society.




  1. eyeopener

    The same tactics as the rowdies from the SA and SS. Their political positioning is known. And…….nobody does anything.

    More police officers on the streets?? You can make a horse laugh. They don’t know anything, don’t do anything untill somebody gets killed.

    And in that case you should not inform the police because they know……..nothing!!

    Naja. Farange has a good solution for that. MORE and UNDISCRIMINATE punishment. For whom Farange. When police is pursueing foreigners to the letter?? And have no ideas about Finns attacking -as patriots- a meeting guanranteed by the Finnish Constitution under the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly.

    SA and SS mentality should be punished as severe as possible. We are not sitting and waiting for another Breivik or Pschäpe.

    Nevertheles PS politicians can say that these thugs should do their job -harrasing constitutional allowed meetings- better. Oh yeah, freedom of speech that is.

    And the police, the politicians and Finnish society is standing by and doing………..NO NOTHING!!

    Wonder where this will end up to??

  2. eyeopener

    Hi Farange. Once in a lifetime you could be right. Violence of your own ranks should be dealt with as thoroughly as you want the foreigners to be treated.

    When can we hear and read some cleansing actions within the PS and other related Neonazi-gangs.

    Make me happy for one day!! 🙂