PS of Pori: Nazi motto to kick off the municipal elections of October

by , under Enrique

The Perussuomalaiset (PS) party of the western Finnish city of Pori have come up with a catch phrase to launch their municipal election campaign: “One city – one leader,” reports Uusi Pori. The motto of the Nazis regime (1933-35) was chillingly similar to what the PS in Pori are using: Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer (One People, One Nation, One Leader). 

Janne Salonen, the head of the PS of Pori, doesn’t see anything wrong using catch phrases that are poor copies from Nazi Germany.

“Hitler used catch phrases when he spoke as a leader,” he said, “we’re speaking of the city of Pori. Every inhabitant of Pori knows the difference.”

Do they?

Does Salonen?

I doubt it.

Another example of how some members of the PS flirt with Nazism and fascism.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating whether or not to launch an inquiry into the Facebook posts of PS Kotka municipal election candidate Amon Rautiainen. The candidate wrote that it would be “patriotic” to kill Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen and Finance Minister Jutta Urpilainen.

Rautiainen wrote as well that Muslims should be boiled alive.

Read whole story (in English) here.


  1. eyeopener

    It only shows how shallow the PS candidate’s intelligence actually is. Like Hitler’s.

    Problem however could be that some people’s intelligence might be more shallow.

    Hope that Pori’s majority of voters just smiles and says: “Here PS goes again” and votes for the real democratic parties.

  2. Mark

    Gosh, they get more and more brazen, don’t they!

    As to Rautiainen, he’s almost certainly broken the law, and taken PS to a new low. I mean, that’s Breivik speak!!!!

    Again, they only get this brazen when they have this much support from the public. Finland is going to the dogs, it appears.

  3. Mark

    The police have to prosecute, they really do.

    I mean, what is it with PS that their sense of humour appears to be so completely divorced from any sense of conscience, any sense of propriety or any common sense.

    He’s quoted as having said:

    “I wrote the posts with humour and in the heat of the moment,” he said.

    Hands up those who laughed?

    • JusticeDemon


      The police have to prosecute, they really do.

      Fortunately they really don’t. We have public prosecutors for that side of things.

      The police certainly ought to investigate when someone incites others to assassinate elected politicians. There is prima facie cause to suspect such incitement in this case and various avenues of prosecution are available.

      The Astrid Thors case comes to mind. That did result in a successful prosecution. This latest case seems no different in principle.

      It will be interesting to see how many people in Kotka now support Amon Rautiainen, as this is now unquestionably the gaffe for which he will be best known on polling day. How many would-be Breiviks are hiding out in Kymenlaakso?

      It’s also splendidly absurd that someone who is running for public office should advocate the assassination of elected officials, but I suppose such cognitive dissonance is the stock-in-trade of the epähiket.

  4. honrigue

    How nice of you to leave out the part where Salonen explains the point, which was that instead of three city leaders (mayors), there should be just one for the greater Pori area, to save money among other things. He said that every person in Pori understands the context. Badly chosen slogan? Maybe. Bad reporting from Enrique’s part? Definitely.

  5. Mark

    Thanks Honrigue. Useful information. Agreed that it’s a badly chosen slogan, but also agree that the context throws a different light on it too.


  6. virmamatt

    Thanks Honrigue. Useful information. Agreed that it’s a badly chosen slogan, but also agree that the context throws a different light on it too.


    Take Finnish courses Mark, you clearly have no idea of what you talk about. Prosecute prosecute everybody who does not share your view.

    Acceptance…funny definition you have of it.

    You are a bunch of B……T stinkos

    • Mark

      I have taken many Finnish courses, Virmamatt.

      Let’s see what the prosecutors say.

      Prosecute people who don’t share my view? Get your head out of your arse.

      Having a hard day, virmamatt? Chill out, put the kettle on, take something for the hangover.