PS MP Ville Tavio believes in fairy tales like the great replacement “theory” and takes aim at pre-school children

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Perussuomalaiset (PS)* parliamentary group leader Ville Tavio shows once again the party’s toxic far-right colors. This is the same politician who wants the PS to follow Marine Le Pen’s line and expresses love for Hungary and Poland’s governments.

Even warnings by the Finnish Security and Intelligence Service (Supo) about the so-called great replacement “theory” is not heeded by the PS never mind Tavio, who warns that 21% of children at nursery schools in Turku don’t speak Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue.

Tavio tweets: One in five nursery school-aged children don’t speak Finnish or Swedish as their mother tongue. (10 months to 6 years 21.2%). Certainly, the process of demographic change [great replacement] has not occurred previously in the Finnish national state as a force by itself. Still, it has been facilitated by [other] political parties through their immigration policies.”

Is Tavio afraid of pre-school toddlers? Or is he motivated by sheer bullying? Apart from labeling non-Finnish and Swedish speakers, what is his solution?

I believe the solution is inclusion and living up to our Nordic values that should promote social equality and, most importantly, equity.

Fortunately, Finland has laws, and everyone, even the youngest toddlers, is entitled to safe spaces that Tavio and his ilk want to take away violently if possible.

Tavio, like the rest of the party, is motivated by two matters: the loss of white Finnish privilege and power.