PS MP Riikka Purra is an opportunist full of white supremacist ideology

by , under Enrique Tessieri

MP Riikka Purra is an ethnonationalist with a strong white supremacist ideology of the Perussuoalaiset (PS) party. She is also first vice president of the PS.

One of Purra’s biggest message is how Finland is becoming culturally and ethnically diverse. According to her, this is a threat to the power and privileges that white Finns have.

Her latest tweet below is another shameful example of hers and her party’s far-right views.

Purra tweets: “When will be able to speak about social cohesion? That our values and institutions [lack social cohesion].”

Spreading white privilege and supremacy by politicians like Purra and her party’s radicalism and racism will end badly.

A question for Purra: You are way too late with your ethnonationalist goals and warnings. What are you going to do with us, so-called brown Finland, and people of color? Are you going to kick us out of Finland and send us off in boxcars?”

Since your racist and exclusive views of Finland won’t change anything, you say such foul things because you are a rude opportunist fishing for votes and questionable fame.