PS MP Purra is as phony as the fake news she maliciously spreads

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Populists like Perussuomalaiset MP Riikka Purra are desperate for attention in the face of the coronavirus pandemic because fewer are interested in their Islamophobia broken record.

MP Purra, who is also the PS’ first vice president, pulled a fast one on Yle’s A-talk by stating that she has doubts about Finland’s health infrastructure. “I have received information from a hospital that they wash disposable equipment,” she tweeted, declining to say who her source is. state her source.

If she were speaking the truth, she’d get in touch with health authorities to investigate the claim.

This will, supposedly, not happen because it is spreading fake news.

Source: Twitter.

The I-can’t-disclose-the-source comment by Purra is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Since her statement instills fear among the population, such fake news should be strongly condemned.

The PS is worried about their standings in opinion polls since the coronavirus pandemic has overtaken their mostly exaggerated and fake news about the threat of migrants.

    • Migrant Tales

      Thank you for this PS voter. Certainly, in the face of a pandemic like Covid-19, it is important to use in the most effective manner the resources they have. While the Apu and HS articles talk about washing some things like protective masks, it is a totally different thing that Purra led us to believe on TV. She made her statement to score political points and did not tell us what things they were washing. If she were so worried, why didn’t she get in touch with the authorities? The answer: Because nothing serious happened. Taking into account Purra’s past claims, it is very difficult to take her seriously.

    • PS voter

      Actually she said examples of some things that were being washed in order to reuse them. You said that she was lying and you were proved wrong. Not it is time for you to apologize.

  1. PS voter

    Helsingin Sanomat and Apu have since more or less confirmed what Purra already said:

    Apu: “Apu selvitti: Hus kehotti  säästämään kertakäyttöisiä  suojatarvikkeita ”

    HS: “Hoitajat ja lääkärit kertovat, millaista on nyt korona­virus­epidemian etu­rintamassa: ”Yövuoroon tullessa sanottiin, että kaikki varusteet ovat ihan lopussa””

    “Husin sairaaloissa pestään jo kertakäyttöiseksi tarkoitettuja, kasvoja suojaavia visiireitä.

    Myös käsihuuhdepulloja, pumppuja ja korkkeja kerätään pesuun.

    ”Viime viikonloppuna oli tilanne, että hengitysmaskit olivat loppuneet ja tavaroita oli metsästetty eri varastoista”, Husin sairaalan päivystyksessä työskentelevä sairaanhoitaja kertoo.”