PS MP James Hirvisaari does it again

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Remember when Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP James Hirvisaari commented on Hommaforum, the unofficial PS website that spreads intolerance against minorities in Finland, that homosexuality is “a disability in sexual development?” The police have brought the case to the state prosecutor, who will decide whether to bring charges against the PS MP, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

Criminal inspector Kari Kajala was quoted as saying on Helsingin Sanomat that Hirvisaari’s statement concerning homosexuality could fall under incitement of hatred against a group.

A colleague who has interviewed Hirvisaari, confirmed to Migrant Tales his Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde political personality disorder.

“When you meet him [Hirvisaari] in person he seems well-behaved and reasonable,” he said. “When he’s on social media sites, however, he turns into a totally different person and loses control.”

For some, social media is like alcohol adiction. Taste one drop and you’re a gonner.

Hirvisaari was fined in December for inciting ethnic hatred.


  1. JM

    Wait a second, the title says “does it again” implying that he made another similar type of comment but the article only mentions his first comment against homosexuals and the implication of it.

    So did he say something controversial again (like this past week) or am I missing something?

    • JusticeDemon

      Hirvisaari is already a convicted racist criminal. The new offence that is currently under investigation would be a breach of the same statute (section 10 of chapter 11 of the Finnish Penal Code).

      One very interesting aspect of this latest investigation is that the alleged defamation of a population group (homosexuals) consists in the suggestion that this group is collectively disabled. However, disability is also a defining characteristic of a population group, so it can be argued that the allegation is self-defeating.

      This recalls the perennial debate on whether Mannerheim was gay and whether it is offensive to assert or declare such a thing. You have to look at the author’s intentions and the overall context of the assertion. As a theme of historical enquiry, the thesis that Mannerheim was gay is no more objectionable in itself than the thesis that Pehr Evind Svinhufvud was left-handed or Kaarlo Juho Ståhlberg had brown eyes. The assessment is not so simple, however, if someone turns up at a Veterans’ Day parade with a banner declaring Mannerheim olikin homo. It’s a safe bet that many people will find this offensive, but only as a reflection of their own prejudice against homosexuals.

    • D4R

      Well take to account of his previous racist staments and hatecrimes aginst Somalis and moslims also his conviction i’d say yes he did say controversial staments before about minorities over and over again, the worst thing about him is that he never learns, either he doesnt think before he makes statements or he’s mental.

  2. tp1

    I think what JM means here is that this latest Hirvisaari episode (gay comments) already happened awhile ago and was already reported here in Migrant Tales.

    But now this same article reappeared in Migrant Tales with more current date (17 August), so from the title and date it could easily be assumed that Hirvisaari has done something again, after the gay episode.

    • JM

      Yes, that’s where my original confusion stemmed from.

      Anyway, thanks for all the comments everybody.