PS MP James Hirvisaari and his Nazi-SS YouTube video

by , under Enrique

Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP James Hirvisaari has been caught once again with his hand in the extremist cookie jar. Lahti-based Etelä-Suomen Sanomat reports that Hirvisaari  had uploaded a Nazi video years ago that glorifies the SS. 

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Hirvisaari uploaded the video as ”allamarcia” but it was originally published by kingtiger88 in March 2007.

The video, which shows SS officers and tanks, plays Rammstein’s song, Sonne (Sun).

Etelä-Suomen Sanomat got in touch with Hirvisaari about the video clip. He sent the following SMS message:

”Many years ago through that Nazi video I got know this great band Rammstein. Thus there is no reason to draw any questionable conclusions since there are no war or Nazi sympathies on my part. It must, therefore, simply be seen just as a heavy metal music video.”

These are the words of an MP convicted for inciting ethnic hatred and who, with his far-right ideology, believes he can make up and rewrite history to fit his myopic worldview.

Taking into account the atrocities the SS committed in World War 2, it isn’t surprising that Hirvisaari could get a kick out of watching these types of videos.


  1. Toiset Soundit

    “Many years ago through that Nazi video I got know this great band Rammstein”

    Don’t normal people usually look up music or get into contact with music through the normal channels such as youtube, a music shop, through friends, and so on? I mean, he puts it as if the (visual) content of this video is a minor detail.

    I mean the guy overlooks the fact that the video that was sent to him is actually one that glorifies the SS. In my view this is verry telling: it says something about the kind of contacts he has, I mean: I do not receive that kind of filth in my mailbox, neither do I send it to my contacts. It says it all in fact: the guy is not only nazi-scum, he’s in contact with other nazi-glorifiers as well.

    Moreover this video is insulting for the band Rammstein whose members are outspoken anti-fascists.