PS’ far right threatens our society and values

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By Enrique Tessieri

The sooner we comprehend as a society that the far-right wing of the Perussuomalaiset (PS) party led by MP Jussi Halla-aho and his cronies are a threat to our Nordic way of life the better. There are already clear signs that this group of MPs in the PS has not only become a thorn in Timo Soini’s side but is being shunned by other political parties and the public.

Who would have thought that a groups of anti-immigrant fanatics that twirled the Finnish media and dazzled the public with the racist statements before the April election would see their wings severely clipped today?

Former Prime Minister and Social Democrat presidential hopeful, Paavo Lipponen, blasted Sunday Halla-aho and his followers, which he called “far-right extremists.”  Center Party head Mari Kiviniemi was quoted as saying on Monday’s Helsingin Sanomat that cooperation in the opposition with the PS has been “spoiled” by the far-right wing of that party.

Apart from being under close scrutiny by the Finnish media and public, these group of far-right extremists probably never imagined the stiff opposition they’d face as MPs especially after the mass killings in Norway by Anders Breivik on July 22.

Halla-aho’s style is pretty easy to predict: He enjoys jolting the public by surprise with his provocative statements. Before his suggestion that Greece should install a military junta to quell protesters, he had said that “multiculturalism sucks ass.”

Certainly Halla-aho, who is chairman of the important administration committee of parliament, which sets among other matters immigration policy, “multiculturalism” is only a policy that permits Muslims and non-Europeans from moving to Finland and Europe. He does not tell you that multiculturalism is a social policy used in Canada, Britain and Australia to integrate immigrants.

One of the biggest mistakes that Halla-aho and his followers have made is that they believe in their own racism and lies.

The so-called immigrant-critical group of the PS led by Halla-aho is made up of the following MPs: James Hirvisaari, Juho Eerola, Olli Immonen, Ari Jalonen and Maria Lohela.

  1. Klay_Immigrant

    Enrique I realise that what I witnessed is a little bit off topic but I’m going to tell it anyway.

    I had my graduation ceremonary yesterday and I was sat next to a Somali girl and a Morrocan girl (both wearing Hijab) who were graduating with a Masters. I didn’t know them very well but would say hello previously whenever I saw them as I have supervised them in their chemistry practicals and helped them whenever they were stuck as I was a lab researcher.

    Anyway I was called up and received my doctorate. When I sat down they both turned to me and said I didn’t know your real what that (Arabic first name) as I’m called by a different name apart from legal and offical purposes. I explained my background (which is quite complicated) and the Somali girl said without being asked that she had American nationality. She didn’t sound American (had a London accent) so I asked how did that come about. She explained with no hestitation or reluctance that when her mother was pregnant with her she went to the USA and was born there, and because of automatic right of nationality with birth over there she was able to get American nationality. They left soon after and went to Britain. I was obviously shocked but didn’t say anything and kept quiet. The Morrocan girl on the other hand said that her mother was very clever. That’s the difference in mentality and these were educated Muslim women.

    I’ll reserve judgement as you probably know already what it is, but this is just one example of thousands that occur every year as a ticket for Non-Westerners to be able to live in the developed World and you would be naive to think otherwise. Do you think this kind of behaviour is correct?

    • Enrique

      Klay, my compliments on having finished your studies. That is quite an achievement.

      Now the question: Why is all this that you are saying important? So what if she has US citizenship. Good for her!

  2. JusticeDemon

    A Master’s degree while still a girl. That’s meteoric progress by any standards. Do you suppose she would have advanced so rapidly with the benefit of not being able to get a passport for international travel? Would you?

    I bet she can even spell ceremony. The impudence of some people!

    You are otherwise correct – your response was indeed off-topic.

  3. Klay_Immigrant

    Great mature response JD (the bitter old man), not that I’m suprised. You’re obviously condoning a pregnant woman from a poor country going to a develped country just to give birth so the new born can gain an automatic passport. Nice to know where some people’s ethnics lie. Shame on you.

  4. Jonas

    Klay, I find your story slightly difficult to believe. Do you have any idea how difficult it is for a Somali to get a visa to the United States (or to the Schengen area for that matter)? You can’t just go on holiday to the USA if you are from Somalia. You will note, on entry to the US, the border officials are hardly discreet in their presence – I am pretty sure they’d notice a pregnant Somalian on a tourist visa. Did she say how her parents managed to get into the USA?

  5. Klay_Immigrant

    No she didn’t but must admit I was taken aback a bit by what she said as it’s not something one would openly confess to especially to an acquaintance. Why would she make up something like that? I didn’t ask anymore questions as was trying to be diplomatic and would serve no purpose. Bear in mind the garment Somali women usually wear would make it much more difficult to tell if pregnant or not than your average traveller, added also the cultural sensitivities involved in physically finding out.

  6. JusticeDemon


    Whereas you got your passport (and presumably your evident snobbery, racism and sexism) by an accident of birth, but you still didn’t learn to spell or punctuate. We can all see how much better and more deserving you are, and how lucky we are to have you here, boy.

    Hit the glass ceiling yet? You will.

    By the way, why don’t you use your Arabic first name?

  7. BlandaUpp


    Are you aware that African immigrants in the US are by far the most educated group in American society? You also act like people from Europe don’t go to the US to “anchor babies” too.

    Are you aware that the Kenyans, Nigerians, Ethiopians and Ghanaian immigrants in Finland are on average more educated and have less unemployment here than Norwegians, Swedes, British, Italians, Poles, Russians, Lithuanians and Bulgarians?

    Should we stop allowing Russian tourists in because 27,8% of Russian immigrants here are unemployed?