Protest: Save the people of Mosul

by , under Mohammad M.

A Finnish woman called Nina that came to talk this week to a group of demonstrators that want more support for the besieged people of Mosul in northern Iraq. 

Nina told the crowed that we must do much more to help the people in Mosul as in Aleppo in Syria. ​

One of the demonstrators, Mohammad M. and others present from Mosul, have approached international and local organizations to lend support under the title, “Save the People of Mosul.”

Below are the biggest concerns for the people of that city:

  • Fears of the destruction of the entire city and the forced displacement of people and the imposition of a deadly siege on the city;
  • Condemnation for using forbidden weapons in battle such as chemical weapons, which is considered a war crime;
  • We demand the United Nation (UN) and the international community to halt the indiscriminate shelling of the ancient city and to provide rapid and urgent humanitarian aid for displaced people who are dying almost daily due to lack of medication and food;
  • What is happening in Mosul is a great crime against humanity. Mosul has become a devastated city. There is significant international neglect of children, women and the elderly, who are being killed every day in the city;
  • We acknowledgement the temporary efforts by the Finnish Red Cross to help those people in need in Mosul;
  • Demand an end to the scorched earth policy;
  • All those groups fighting for control of Mosul are using heavy artillery, rockets, and heavy machine guns. The only victims are the civilians. The use of such heavy weapons that target civilians must stop;
  • We urge the UN to force all those taking part in the fighting to refrain immediately from targeting civilians and stop the destruction of Mosul.
Demonstrators showing support and solidarity for the besieged people of Mosul. A Finnish woman called Nina had attended the demonstration and told about the dire situation in Mosul after having visited the northern Iraqi city recently.

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