President Trump flirts with a World War if he doesn’t win reelection in November

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What is the worse matter about the coronavirus pandemic? Social distancing? Or US President Donald Trump?

In my opinion, President Trump and his shoddy leadership and outright lies are far worse than the coronavirus pandemic.

His latest lie was contradicting his country’s own intelligence on the origin of the coronavirus.

Trump’s suggestion that bleaches or beams of light could kill the coronavirus suggests that something isn’t right in his head. Source: Facebook. Thank you, Alberto Coronel, for the heads-up.

Mark my words: Trump is such a sociopath that he will not think twice by waging a new World War if it means that it will get him reelected.

The US president, his family, his political, and billionaire cronies are a much greater threat to the world than the coronavirus.