Prejudice discourages employers from hiring deaf people

by , under Enrique

I read an interesting news story on YLE in English about how prejudice hinders deaf people from getting jobs. Sounds like a familiar excuse heard commonly by immigrants, right? 

The jobless rate of deaf workers and immigrants in Finland is about three times greater than the national average. Unemployment in Finland in April stood at 8.4%, according to Statistics Finland.

Writes YLE in English: “…Getting a foot in the employer’s door is a challenge for many members of the deaf community and as many as twenty percent don’t find work. The Finnish Association of the Deaf [FAD] is worried that hearing-impaired adults are being excluded from the workplace due to prejudice.”

FAD unit manager, Borje Hanhikoski, admits that attitude plays an important role when hiring deaf people. ”I think this is more about the attitude of employers, a question of prejudice,” he said

  1. Iam

    Hi dear MT,
    What can i say more than this? Its sad, so sad and i understand it very well.
    Prejudice is common and very normal here, i know that.
    And okay what a bout these people in paliament, what r they doing for us??? for our society??? How many useful and positive words are they use per hour in parliament???
    How much useful money are they get per hour????
    No one is brave to answer that to me, no/one
    Who hoooooooo???
    where r u brave minister
    I wish a happy society for dear Finland, i wish a great life for deaf people, sending them hugs, golden hugs, love uuu
    Love to the world

  2. tp1

    It has nothing to do with prejudice, it’s just common sense. Why would employer want to employ someone who is difficult to interact with?

    It’s a sick attitude to demand exactly same opportunities to everyone. If someone is disabled, then he is disabled and therefore has to suffer from it.

    I hate this all kind of bullshit that makes it mandatory to build houses in a way that they are accessible with wheelchair.