Police now investigate the death of a young Iraqi asylum seeker in Finland

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Migrant Tales reported Monday about the tragic death of a young Iraqi asylum seeker who allegedly took his life after his asylum request was turned down by the Finnish Immigration Service. While it’s been known since Sunday about the death of the asylum seeker, it is surprising how slowly the media and police operate.

A YLE News story reported Tuesday that “the police are investigating the death.”

Police service chief inspector, Teemu Kruskopf, said that the news about the young man’s death was received Monday morning while it was known to the Iraqi community in Finland Sunday.

“It came to our attention at 9.20 am on Monday,”  Kruskopf was quoted as saying in YLE News. “There will be an inquiry into the death and an autopsy, but the details will be classified. So we will not be making any more public statements about this case.”

Read the full story here.

The name of the deceased  asylum seeker is Mohammed M. A. and he has lived in Finland for a year.


  1. PS voter

    I hope that it is not a case of hate crime by asylum seeker against another asylum seeker. There has already been news about knife attacks by asylum seekers towards gay asylum seekers.