Police and other authorities carry out identification checks at the Puhos shopping center of Eastern Helsinki

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On Saturday about 3 pm, the police, the National Border Guards, Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI), Customs, Rescue Department, and City of Helsinki health inspectors started to ask foreign-looking people for their identification in Puhos, a shopping center in Eastern Helsinki frequented by migrants. 

The big question that emerges is if this operation by the police and other authorities is just another case of ethnic profiling.

The police and other officials like the Finnish Border Guards at Puhos on Saturday.  Photos by Muhammed Shire.

“I asked a policeman [at Phos] why they are asking people for their identification and why they don’t ask those who go to shops run by white Finnish?” he queried, adding that the police said that “on a weekly basis they do these types of operations, but he wouldn’t say where.”¨

Migrant Tales will follow up on this story on Sunday.


  1. Finland is a hateful country

    Finnish police is a lazy robot without program, they have nothing to do so they attack foreigners, i have never seen a normal Finnish police, all are proud, mentaly sick, very bully and racist ! they try to teach us : that they are best race and we are slave and under their contol !
    If you are a foreigner then you are second and third citizenship and even a criminal person is worthy than you.
    No matter who are you and what is your job, what ever you doing in Finland you will stay slave and finnish system and people will not accept you .

    Finland is a very racist country, this is completely okay in Finland !

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