PM Sanna Marin is a true leader

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An interview published today in The Guardian of Prime Minister Sanna Marin reveals that countries like Finland have not caved into populism, xenophobia, and toxic nationalism. Her leadership is a direct snub at those forces in Finland trying to bring down her government.

Marin said in the interview that she believed future governments would continue to promote Nordic state welfare values like social equality.

“I think so,” she was quoted as saying in The Guardian. “Because it’s work that’s ongoing. We have always worked for equality in Finland, and I think it’s also important in the future, and not only the equality of men and women, or the genders, but also the equality of minority groups in society.

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Foretunately, human rights rank high in PM Marin’s government. If the opposition ever gained power, human rights would be compromised and demoted.

“We have to say this is not acceptable. We’re condemning the actions of Belarus. But at the same time we have to make sure that people’s human rights are respected in this situation,” Marin said.

Listening to the whines of opposition parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)*, National Coalition Party (Kokoomus), and Christian Democrats, one wonders what type of a country they would want to replace our Nordic welfare state.

It’s clear that Kokoomus, and the PS even more enthusiastically would downgrade our social welfare state and install a more dog-eat-dog system where only the strongest survive.

Such parties would fuel social inequality and polarize our country further.

One of the fastest ways to destroy our way of life would be to cave in to xenophobia and turn our backs to human rights.

It would be naive to think that after forces like the PS and Kokoomus have solved “the Muslim question” in Finland, such parties would go after other groups.

It is not an opinion but a fact. Throughout history, we’ve seen this happen over and over again. Climbing the pyramid of hate is not so hard.

In Argentina, where I was born, the military regime, after annihilating its enemies, sought to attack “potential” enemies of the state. Here is what one member of the military junta, General Ibérico Saint-Jean, said.

“First we will kill all the subversives; then we will kill their collaborators; then … their sympathizers; then … those who remain indifferent; and, finally, we will kill those who are timid.”

Get the point?

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