Pictures from the Kolari asylum reception center in Finland

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Migrant Tales understands that the authorities of the Kolari asylum reception center are annoyed at a story that was published in this blog about the center. The biggest gripe that the asylum seekers had was the manager, who allegedly treats the inhabitants with disrespect and threatens them that they won’t get a residence permit. 

One resident described the camp was like being “in a living hell.”

“As punishment for the story published in Migrant Tales, the management does not serve salad with the meal [as before] and there is no hot water in the camp,” a source said.

Relations at the camp are so strained at the moment that the inhabitants have cut all communications with the staff.

“We are boycotting their food and Finnish-language courses,” the source said.

Migrant Tales will publish more on this developing story.

Below are some signs from the Kolari asylum reception center.

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