Petteri Orpo’s election as the new NCP chairman is a vote in favor of ever-tightening immigration policy and hostility against asylum seekers

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National Coalition Party (NCP) Interior Minister Petteri Orpo victory over Alexander Stubb with 441 votes versus the former chairman’s 361 votes was a vote for Finland’s ever-tightening immigration policy and continued hostility against asylum seekers.

If there is any good news to point out in the election it’s that MP Elina Lepomäki didn’t make it to the second round. Her neoliberal, anti-immigration and Islamophobic views are well-known.

Stubb lost because he turned out to be a big disappointment to supporters of the NCP as well as migrants and minorities living in this country. Here’s a politician who tried to speak out against xenophobia and Finland’s rightful place in the European Union to one that became silent to ever-growing racism and hate speech that in this country.

Over four years ago, when he was foreign minister, Stubb described Finland’s ongoing debate on immigration and immigrants as “oppressive,” according to tabloid Iltalehti.

Migrant Tales wrote in 2015: “Today, I must admit that Stubb is a huge disappointment. From giving the image of being open-minded to diversity he now seems more like a politician interested in power and personal gain than the interests of everyone living in Finland never mind Europe.”

Stubb lost it as chairman because he lost leadership in what he believed.

While the Finnish media has yet to say something negative about Orpo, it’s clear that under his watch as interior minister Finland has today one of the most anti-immigration governments in a long time.