Perussuomalaiset of Finland: From bashing immigrants and the EU to “not selling one’s ass”

by , under Enrique Tessieri

What is wrong with the Perussuomalaiset (PS)?* In order to score their historic election victory in 2011, they went on a rampage and bashed migrants wholesale, especially Muslims. Today, PS head Timo Soini said that the party has its principles and therefore “doesn’t sell its ass [to anyone].”

Folks, the person making this statement is the head of Finland’s third-largest party in parliament. This is the same person who said this week that the PS wants to be in government after the elections and that he should be appointed foreign minister.

I can see Soini in Brussels at some important summit as foreign minister stating that Finland “doesn’t sell its ass to anyone.”

Social Democrat MEP Liisa Jakonsaari tweeted the following: “I have said before that Timo Soini is like an overgrown baby. He’s now in the anal phase [of development] and interested in his anus.”

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Different dailies in Finland believe that what Soini said could hurt his party.

Oulu-based Ilkka wrote that talking about rear-ends by Finnish politicians in public has been unknown up to now.

Is this a sign that the PS is desperate and losing it?

Whatever new chapter this brings to a tragicomic play called the PS, it’ll be interesting to watch how this convoluted party will make it to next year’s elections.

But what would you expect from a chairman that heads the PS, a hostile party towards migrants, minorities and anyone who doesn’t look or think like them?

Talking about one’s ass is for Soini and the PS the most normal thing.

The Finnish name for the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English names of the party adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.