Part of Finland’s racist side is receding into the dustbin of history

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* and some of its MPs like Mauri “Perkele” Peltokangas, Riikka “You Will Not Replace Us” Purra, and Juho “Mussolini” Eerola are signs of an old Finland that is disappearing in the dustbin of history.

These politicians and their racist party represent the worst of this country and its society. But what can you expect if Finland has been in denial about its racism and done its best to whitewash its history?

Life must be easy for these types of opportunistic politicians. Just spread fake news about migrants and you’ll get elected. Your followers will even encourage you to ratchet up your racist discourse,

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Even if these PS politicians are smiling, they are the face of a dying Finland that represents the worst of this society. Peltokangas tweets: “Start the party! Finland is a good country. It is the best country for us Finns. It is worthy of being defended, and its only defenders are Finland’s people.”

For us Finns?!

Sorry Peltokangas, Purra and Eerola, this country never was and will never be white. Too many Finns, over 1.2 million to be exact, emigrated to other parts of the world. They mixed and continue to be proud of their Finnish roots.

And let’s not forget our ever-growing culturally and ethnically diverse Finland growing before you.

We are proud of our difference and happy to know that these politicians are a dying breed.