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NCP’s Petteri Orpo and his infamous xenophobic and anti-immigration statements

Economy Minister Petteri Orpo, who is also the chairperson of the National Coalition Party (NCP), was and is instrumental for having tightened Finland’s immigration policy when he was the interior minister (2015-2016). As a minister in Prime Minister Juha Sipilä, he was instrumental in undermining the rights of asylum seekers and migrant community. 

Afghan asylum seeker in Joutseno: “Good morning to [you] too”

Since September, an Afghan family comprising of three adults, two minors and their parents left Finland for Germany for fear that they would be deported to Afghanistan. One of the asylum seekers, who is a young man, was deported from Germany to Finland. Today he was taken to the Joutseno Immigration Removal Center from Metsälä in Helsinki.  

Some asylum seekers in Finland live in crowded rooms and in dreadful conditions

Below are two picture and a short note from an asylum seeker called Adam who came to Finland in 2012. During his long and painful sojourn in this country, being locked up for a year at the Joutseno immigration removal center to being an undocumented migrant, Adam is now staying at an asylum reception center in the Greater Helsinki area.