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Red Herring tales (Part 2): City of Vaasa bans the burkini

As expected, the Vaasa city leisure committee voted unanimously on Wednesday to prohibit the use of burkinis. The committee claims that the swimming outfit, consisting of a head scarf, tunic and trousers designed for Muslim women, is a dangerous to the swimmer and unhygienic. It’s unclear from the rules if Muslims are required to go to the sauna naked.

The True Finns and their red herrings

A red herring is something intended to divert attention from the real issue. When it comes to immigration, the True Finns do not have one but many red herrings on their plate.

YLE: Another feather in Finland’s media immigration hysteria hat

As apparently the political climate gets tenser in Finland due to the recessions, a good example of another red herring threat caused by immigration is a news story by YLE on Wednesday that claims that 3,200 foreign nationals were not allowed to enter Finland illegally, according to the Finnish Border Guard.

Islamophobia is the fear that white Christian Europeans will lose power and privileges to minorities. Disagree? Ask a Muslim woman

A French appeals court upheld this week a ruling that denied an Algerian woman citizenship because she refused to shake the hand of a French official, according to The Local. The woman cited “religious beliefs” for not shaking the official’s hand. The appeals court defended the decision to not grant citizenship on the grounds that the woman, who is married to a French man since 2010, had “not assimilated into the French community.”

Exposing white Finnish privilege #41: An Islamophobic politician and gender equality

A campaign for gender equality by Naisjäjestöt NJKL is an excellent example of white privilege and denial. In the tweet below, we know that Elisabeth Rehn and former Helsiniki Bishop Irja Askola have spoken out against racism and hate speech. However, on the top right hand of the picture we find Blue Reform* (New Perussuomalaiset) MP Maria Lohela, who made her political career by spreading Islamophobia and hatred towards migrants.