Oppression doesn’t turn you into a terrorist, neither does poverty make you a racist

by , under Enrique Tessieri

             War and injustice don’t turn a person into a terrorist.    

In the same way, poverty doesn’t turn you into a racist. 

In life we make choices on how to challenge the injustices we face. Our reaction to them differ greatly. Most people, who suffer injustice, don’t take up arms or carry out a terrorist act. If injustice doesn’t turn you automatically into a terrorist neither does poverty make you a racist. You turned into a racist because you were already one.

 Some politicians tell us that racism is a natural outcome because there is poverty. It isn’t, that’s denial of the social ill. Just because there are injustices doesn’t mean you will plant a bomb and kill people.

How do I know? Because I was once there as a young man trying to figure out what I should do to challenge a military government in Argentina that robbed my civil and human rights. I chose instead to write and fight with all my might today as an activist.

Two pictures, two similar realities 

The two pictures below represent for me the harrowing face of the ongoing deportations from Finland and Europe. One was taken on Tuesday night by a thirteen-year-old adolescent from the Joutseno immigration removal center.

Searchlights, barbwire, and barred windows in a country below greet an adolescent in Finland, a country that claims to respect the rule of law and human rights.

The young person that took the first picture below will apparently be deported from Finland Wednesday together with her 6 brothers and sisters and parents. The youngest of the family is 1.5 years and the eldest, 14.

Below that picture Ali’s, who was deported in January back to Iraq. Barred windows greet him and us as well.

Two pictures, two terrible realities and the last stops of a long journey to freedom that ended in failure.

This picture was taken Tuesday by an adolescent who faces deportation with her family of nine Wednesday. She says “good night” to us. Picture taken by asylum seeker.

One of Ali’s last selfies in Finland. Picture taken by asylum seeker.

  1. Finland is a hateful country

    That is a horrible, fearful prison, jail in hell !
    Even criminal Finnish people have a better jail in Finland !
    This is a hand made jail, hand made in Finland, jail made in Finland.
    Is that horror movie? no, is that nightmare? yes, nightmare in Finland .

    Look at Finland how torturing poor Iraqi people !
    Hey world do not trust them, do not believe them, they are racist!

    There is a rain of racism in Finland
    There is a STORM of terror in Finland

    Yes, there is a land on planet earth, they call it Finland, i call it HELL, because i am suffering very much in this land, every single day and hour, and i see with my both eyes how other people like me suffering too!

    Hey world, look at them how torturing poor refugees, yes Finland is torturing refugees, child, teenage, parents, old, young…

    Racism is very much clear here, curse, abuse, insult is everywhere !
    They put you down easily, racists have all power in Finland and law in Finland is supporting them perfectly and gives them all rights !

    Be aware Finland, you broken their hearts, this one year old baby will not forget what you done, this family and many more of refugees will not forget this, wounds you made on their souls will not get cure, and universe will answer to you, you are a big injustice problem in the world and universe will judge you with justice soon ! shame on you !

    We never forgive you Finland, NEVER !