On the road with Varig Airlines

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After four weeks on the road I’m back to where I started the journey to Argentina. Believe it or not, the flight from Buenos Aires, which includes brief stopovers at São Paulo and Frankurt, took about 48 hours to make it to the doorsteps of my home in Finland!

The odyssey started Saturday at 4:30am, when I left with my son for Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires. After a brief stay on the line to the Varig Airlines checkin counter, I’m informed that the plane won’t be flying to Argentina from Rio de Janeiro. About eight hours later, we’re put on another flight at 4:45PM to São Paulo.

Since I missed the flight to Rio at 7AM, we lost the flight Sunday from Frankfurt to Finland. I’m assured, however, by Varig staff at Buenos Aires that their Frankfurt office will take care of the matter when we arrive in Germany.

Wishful thinking! I was told that I must buy a new ticket (466 euros!) and Varig washed their hands of the matter.

I’ve sent three emails to Varig since Monday and haven’t received any reply.

I’ve got a good lawyer and the consumer ombudsman to help me resolve the matter. All hell is going to break loose but in the meantime avoid Varig Airlines like the plague.

  1. suburbanlife

    Enrique – we now live in Southern British Columbia, but my husband was raised in the Yukon and we have lived in the northern latitudes of BC some time ago. I agree with you, the Yukon is a breathtaking place. G