Olli Immonen and the PS: I dream of a country that is inclusive, not racist and extremist

by , under Enrique Tessieri

I’ve been traveling during the last weekend until Monday in northeast Argentina, where the Finns established a colony in 1906. I had limited access to the Internet but when I read what Perussuomalaiset (PS) MP Olli Immonen wrote on Facebook a cocktail of sadness mixed with concern overcame me.

What is surprising about what Immonen wrote is not what he wrote per se, since we all know that he is hostile to migrants and all minorities that live in Finland, but the complacent silence of his party to what he wrote.

That eerie silence is something that we’ve experienced many times before from the PS.

What did Immonen write?

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Here is my response:

“I have always dreamed and fought for a nation that is inclusive and fair. I’m dreaming of a nation that will defeat a cancer called the PS and politicians like Immonen that are so incompetent that they blame defenseless minorities for their deficiencies. I am confident that this illness will deflate and be remembered as a bad dream. I have a strong belief in Finland and its values of justice and fairness. I will never give up fighting for my homeland and our culturally diverse nation. People like Immonen and the PS ensure that we will prevail.”

Immonen’s hostile posting and the silence of his party are more clear proof that the PS is a hostile party with fascist leanings – or is directly fascist –  that is a menace to Finland.

The Finnish name of the Finns Party is the Perussuomalaiset (PS). The English-language names adopted by the PS, like True Finns or Finns Party, promote in our opinion nativist nationalism and xenophobia. We therefore prefer to use the Finnish name of the party on our postings.



  1. MattiR2106

    Everyone is a racist…. rama rama … After you were in that epitome of democracy … Argentina… (I won’t cry for you….!!!)…. getting caught up on your methodology of Juntaism…. and how to transplant it elsewhere…. How do you dare call a democratically elected Finnish parliamentarian out on ‘racism’ when you, yourself are a native of the Junta system of government (si, si, compadres…. fill up the football stadium with dissidents…. we will make them disappear…. oh si. muy bueno…Poof!!….Hecho!!)….. Some would say … it’s a different ‘brand’ of democracy…. How’s them for square apples??…. Enrique???….Los finlandeses estúpidos …. simplemente hacer que funcionen y pagan impuestos …. para nosotros …

  2. D4R

    We should give credit to all the Finns who came and protested against Olli\s writings, after all Finland is civiliced country and there are still civiliced Finns out there. I thank all the Finns who spoke against Olli Immonen, you\re the ones who make Finland as great as it\s. We can discuss about immigration without the need of hostility and racism. The world doesnt need another fuhrer or another ethnic genocide, we muist learn from history. I believe whatever immigration problem there is to be fixed can be done in a civilized manner,

    • Migrant Tales

      Well said, D4R. I’m in Argentina now and will be back this week. I’ll give you a ring then.

  3. MattiR2106

    For D4R…. I agree with your notion that immigration if not all problems can be solved in a civilized manner…. Fair enough… but how can you do that when you cannot/not even give the problem a name… The problem is … perhaps there’s too much immigration and arrival of people on our shores who are not here to assimilate but gather their numbers and cause lots in internal problems…. Like it or lump it …. Finns like a quiet lifestyle… and do not/not want strangers in their midst …. especially if they are not and have no intention of contributing to society at large… All working Finns are now suffering due to onerous taxation, high unemployment, and having to contribute even to foreign countries that will not pay their own taxes…. We Finns have a right to enjoy our lifestyle just as we please and not/not be upbraided by foreigners who may not/not share our way of life….. This lifestyle was bought and paid for by much blood, sweat and tears and we’re entitled to it…. Don’t like it??…Tough shit I say…. I have no/no problem with anyone coming in to the country to work and contribute….. I will not/not EVER abide by la-di-da liberal ideology that we should house the world’s ne’er do wells…. I’ll be damned before I stop voicing my opposition to it….

    • Migrant Tales

      Matti, now you are being apologetic and diving into denial.

    • Migrant Tales

      –I will not/not EVER abide by la-di-da liberal ideology that we should house the world’s ne’er do wells…. I’ll be damned before I stop voicing my opposition to it….

      This response falls inanti-immigation rhetoric. Matti, be a little more creative and tell us something new.

    • D4R

      Well, the immigrants who come here legally must assimilate to Finland and abide the law, work and be good citizen, i trust Finlands government is going to do its job to take care immigration problem, but things can be done without being a racist or hateful. I understand some Finns feel threatened in their country to be taken over and that to me is far fretched, Finland is still ethnically Finn and immigrants are still pretty small, now if Finland wants to make a use out of the immigrants who are here, then i would advice them to think of a good plan for them to assimilate in to Finland.

  4. MattiR2106

    Nothing apologetic there as far as I’m concerned but I guess this being your website you may call ’em as you wish…. Talk about creative, you and your ilk are the ones that find bogeymen behind every pronouncement by a back-bench PS parliamentarian…. That sounds / appears to me more like your needing a straw man argument to keep your bullshit on the front burner…. But then, when you come from Junta-based experience in your youth, what else can I, or anyone else expect…. You certainly present yourself as one who cannot/not bear the reality of having others (PS) presenting a viable option to ages-passed Finnish governance and actual citizens challenging your vacuous arguments…. siitäs sait!!!!…..

  5. MattiR2106

    Enrique…. Aren’t you the holder of a PHD in something or other…. and that’s the best you can do… is to make such low attempts at belittling my retorts…. Fair enough… makes you look like you got your degrees through an online site… with enough vetting and research one could actually find out…. should I???? I was in a bar in Cairo once upon a time…. there was this young guy who claimed to have a PHD in civil engineering…. as we kept the discussion going, only to find out that ‘daddy’ was a wealthy individual of considerable influence and he had slipped a brown envelope to the dean of the engineering faculty….the best influence used in Egypt at those times….. it was called … falus… (money in Arabic)…. Next was being a relative of Mubarak or Sadat…. just an anecdote of how that part of world works…. and falls apart at times….

  6. D4R

    I wanna correct a mistake i made in my previous text, Ethnic Finn doesnt mean white only, there can be colored Finn too, that i wanted to clearify

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