November 7, 2020: A day that ended an infamous administration

by , under Enrique Tessieri

The US presidential election’s long-anticipated result bore fruit on Saturday with Joe Biden projected as Pennsylvania’s winner and getting him over the 270 electoral threshold defeating incumbent Donald Trump. Four years of political capriciousness and reckless buffoonery by Trump came to an end.

It has been a terrible and exhausting four years following a man who is the epitome of privilege and power. In all respects, Donald Trump is the embodiment of a modern autocrat and fascist.

Autocrats are usually shortsighted. Once they believe that they are invincible, like Trump did, that is when their downward slide begins.

Source: Migrant Tales.

Even if it would be naive to think that President-elect Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, will change the United States during their administration, they may have slowed or averted for the time being a colossal train wreck for the country.

Trump’s reelection would not only have been a hammer blow to the US’ democratic institutions but dragged the country into a racial civil war.

Even if I am not holding my breath, because USAmerican exceptionalism and naive Hollywood endings are the country’s worst enemies, I am happy for my children, grandchildren, and all those who live on this planet.

Source: The Guardian.

Apart from Trump and the Republican party, the biggest losers in Finland are those that are emboldened by the president’s racism and rhetoric.

Politicians like Perussuomalaiset* leader Jussi Halla-aho and many of his cronies must feel like orphans. No longer is the United States president spreading his vengeful rhetoric for them to copy and paste.