Not a Muslim “terrorist” but a white Finn belonging to the far-right PS

by , under Enrique Tessieri

A 33-year-old driver driving at high speed in the city center ended up hitting several cars and crashing in front of a cafe on Pohjoiesplanadi on May Day Eve, according to Yle News. Three people were injured including the suspect.

The suspect, a member of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party and a public servant at the ministry of economic affairs and employment, resisted arrest and yelled at the police.

In a video, he calls the police the devil and says repeatedly “amen” on the ground as he is being apprehended.

The suspect was a PS candidate in the country election held in January and on the same list as Riikka Purra, the chairperson of the far-right party.

The suspect is being held for aggravated endangerment of traffic safety, aggravated drunk driving, grievous bodily injury, resisting an official, and insubordination, the police said in a statement, according to Yle News.

Strangely, there has been no response from the PS on what happened.

If the person had been a Muslim, we all know how the PS and the Finnish media would have reacted.

Shouldn’t we demand, in the far-right PS example, an apology from all the party members for what happened?

The best news is that nobody was hurt seriously.