Nelonen: Hakkaraisten tulipalojen koettelema saha hoipertelee konkurssin partaalla

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Comment: This time Perussuomalaiset (PS) party MP Teuvo Hakkarainen is not being carried out drunk by two doormen from a bar or for his racist gaffes, well almost. At the end of the video clip he does make an attempt to  do his infamous imitation of a Muslim Minaret call to prayer.

This time it was his family’s sawmill business that is on life support.

One of the scoops that the Nelonen TV newsclip revealed was that Hakkarainen’s family business has received during the last decade 835,808 euros in subsidies, of which 284,292 euros came from the EU. On his personal website, some of the promises he vows to make is to get Finland out of the European Union.

Hakkarainen’s sawmill was reported previously of having got half a million euros in subsidies from the EU.


Perussuomalaisten kansanedustajan Teuvo Hakkaraisen perheyritys on rämpinyt vakavissa talousvaikeuksissa kymmenen vuoden ajan. Lähes konkurssikypsälle sahalle on pumpattu yhteiskunnan tukia vuosikymmenen aikana yli 800 000 euroa.

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  1. Hmmm

    I don’t see your point in this blog entry. Are you gloating on his family’s misfortune? Or do you criticize the company for taking subsidies? If latter, wouldn’t it be unselfish act from Hakkarainen to try to get out of EU?

  2. JusticeDemon


    This is the same hypocrisy as we see in politicians who oppose private education but send their own children to private schools, or in those who campaign for vegetarianism while not adhering to such a diet in person.

    The charge is unfair only insofar as Teuvo Hakkarainen evidently lacks the basic nous to run a business and is very probably not even consulted over these subsidy applications. However, the reformed character/small businessman/teetotaller image was part of his election campaign, and the public are obviously entitled to know the degree of misrepresentation that this involved.

    It’s obvious that this MP is spectacularly underqualified for his present job, and we should be more concerned that he does not disintegrate in the same way as Tony Halme.

  3. Hannu

    Getting finland out of EU doesnt mean that subsidies go away, it means that there is one less hand between taxpayer and his saw.

  4. Hmmm

    In Hakkarainen’s case I see the standing up against EU not as hypocrisy but as standing by his words even though he has much to lose by it. But I agree that the image presented before the elections has not been accurate according to recent events. I also agree that he is way underqualified for the job…

  5. Hannu

    “underqualified for the job”
    You cant be underqualified for “kansanedustaja”, you seem to forget part KANSAN 🙂

  6. vincebel

    just a question. Politicians in Finland dont need a certain type of background such as education, experience or else?

    To be honest this guy has nothing to do in politics, whatever side he is

  7. JusticeDemon


    Isn’t it a bit early in the day to start your drinking? Obviously candidates without a clue can count on your vote, but it seems that at certain times of day they don’t even need to be literate.

    Just sit behind the party secretary and press the same buttons.

  8. Hannu

    Justicedemon there is no qualifications for representer of people and there cant be, democracy lets us vote who ever we like and that could be retarted monkey and its still valid.