Nasima Razmyar and the Social Democrats: Do one thing, say another

by , under Enrique Tessieri

Could somebody explain how a politician like MP called Nasima Razmyar of the Social Democratic Party can speak against deportations when her vote in parliament last year was partly responsible for the deportation that took place on Monday?

Razmyar as well as the majority of Social Democratic MPs, the Center Party, National Coalition Party, Perussuomalaiset* and Christian Democrats voted to do away with residence permits on humanitarian grounds.

Scrapping such a law now means that after three rejections asylum seekers can be deported back to their countries. Before, they were given a temporary residence permit that allowed to stay in Finland.

Even if it is a good matter that MP Razmyar speaks out against deportations at Monday’s demonstrations, it is disingenuous of  her since her vote made the Afghan family’s deportation possible.

Considering her background as a refugee, we need an explanation from Razmyar why she voted against the bill that did away with residence permits on humanitarian grounds.






  1. Finland is a hateful country

    She is seeking for attention.
    She is a dancer, she just needs attention ! who can trust her? perussuomalaiset dancer, PS dancer, she ilicks their shoes perfect and all the time, she is in same boat with racists, warning warning !
    She has no conscience in her heart. Sending people to death and making shake hands with racists is her job!
    She was voting against own root and nation !
    She forgot that she is an Afghan. How a human can kill own people ? own family, own blood ?
    She is a boastful, braggart !
    She is a killer, no one can trust her !
    How many Afghans voted her for MP?
    She will not mercy on Afghans, all she is doing is a soap show, soap opera .

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